Civility in Hunkertown #4

Civility May Shock, but is NEVER Shocking

We are use to and even somewhat numb to the ongoing sensationalism that seems to be the manner in which news and news commentary tries to get our attention. “If it bleeds, it leads” is a sad slogan in the news industry. To shock or attempt to shock does not engender civility. A person or group intent on such means seeks to disadvantage others.

In this light, consider Washington’s 3rd rule…

  1. “Show Nothing to your Friend that might affright him.”

Commentary: Fright or shock of this nature has its place in the spectrum of communication.  “Shock value” can have its place in marketing or stopping a transaction, or moving it in a new direction.  But, it has no place in civility, especially with those who you are either friends or want to cultivate as such.  Whereas civility is a process of smoothing a continuum of communication, shock or fright is disruptive and will, in fact, create greater uncertainty in the transactions that may follow. 

We must be cautious and guard ourselves against those who would use such means to keep us off balance and dis-empowered.

Conversely, how shocking it may be to us when someone approaches and communicates with us in an on-the-level, compassionate manner.

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