Hunkertown #15

Where it seems we are going…

“Stand back and stand by…”

Recent words heard during a Presidential debate.

In a time where civil dialogue and respecting both the letter and spirit of the law would have been given due and proper consideration, what actually came across as a threat to invoke a known domestic terrorist group may have set off alarm bells to consider that a threat was being made against the American people.

But, when there is an onslaught of similar attacks, threats, and toxic opinions used daily to steal yet another news cycle, the weight of this phrase barely grabs the attention, derision, and concern it rightly deserves.

In The Path of Civility, I emphasize that an on-the-level perspective and respect yields the greatest possibility of ensuring that civil dialogue yields productive results. Furthermore, that there needs to be an acknowledgement if not application of moral law and ethics to make civility more weighty as a force in transactions.

But, what happens when that is not there and is either disregarded or ignored altogether? What tone do you take when you see that even the lowest and most Neanderthal language to elicit shame yields nothing or worst still, mockery?

This is where Civil Disobedience properly and strategically employed may be the only way to gain attention, both from the parties being addressed and those who look on.

Civil disobedience will never be seen as civil by those whom the actions are being directed. In this situation the Five Steps of Wise Action need to be deployed and actions and words used with an altruistic intention or, as Geoffrey Bullington puts it, “For the goodness of all concerned.”

Here is my podcast spelling out more clearly what I have presented in this and the previous blog.

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